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A funny thing happened on the way to today...

“So, how’d you get into graphic design?”

“Well,” I tend to say, “It’s kind of a funny story…”

If you had met me at age 10, 16, or even 22, and asked yourself what I might be when I grew up, “graphic designer” probably wouldn’t have been on your top 10 list. I wasn’t the kind of kid that was always drawing or doing art. In fact, I could usually be found with my head in a book, writing a story, or watching tv. I enjoyed art and creating, but I didn’t think I was good at it. Like so many others who discovered art as adults, I had somehow gotten it into my head that to be good at art, you had to be good at drawing realistically. I wasn’t good at that, therefore I wasn’t an artist and I never could be. It wasn’t even something I thought about.

As I got older and started looking for my “thing”, I tried and failed at plenty of endeavors. I thought about becoming a teacher, a therapist, a realtor, and several other career paths before I finally got a desk job and went about the business of trying to make enough money to pay the bills and start a family. After a few years at that company, I had the opportunity to pioneer their journey into social media. I had always been very interested in new developments online, and I was an early adopter of some of the first social media platforms. I quickly learned that I loved engaging with customers online; building relationships and making them feel a part of the brand. In that position and others following it, I built on this interest and developed skills in email marketing, copywriting, and project management.

I was working for a local small business when I realized that my favorite thing about my job was putting together the weekly email newsletters. I loved placing photos with blocks of color and interesting type to create graphics that enticed people into the shop. I did a little research and found that what I was describing was really the most basic definition of graphic design. I found a program at a local college, and the rest is history.

My years of work with social media and customer engagement give me a unique perspective as a designer. I have skills in a range of areas, from html and css to illustration and photo retouching. My favorite projects to design are brand identity, marketing campaigns, and web design and development.

In my spare time, I enjoy watching sci-fi tv shows, especially Doctor Who. I love to read, practice hand lettering, work in my art journal, and take pictures. I live in Fort Worth, TX with my husband and 3 children (2 feline, 1 human).